Recommended Download: My Gear Vault

Do yourself a favor and check this out.

If you are a stickler for organization or just aloof in your memory of your camera gear, My Gear Vault is worth a look. Its an app available right now just for iPhone users but is coming soon to Google Play.

What My Gear Vault allows you to do is effortlessly input all your photographic equipment into the app on your phone. From there you can add photos of the stuff, keep track of serial numbers, receipts, etc. Then you can organize your gear into virtual categories, and even virtual kits, like stuff for portrait photography, landscape photography and anything else you can think of.  Then you can get an insurance quote on the spot after filling a questionnaire in the app. My Gear Vault will quote you an insurance premium from their list of approved providers. Lastly you can report any piece in your vault as stolen by updating the item in the vault. You have the option to add an official police report number and picture of the report itself.

The best part is, its totally free, and there are no obligations to connect with, or purchase insurance from their list of approved partners.

Check out My Gear Vault here

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