Recommended Download: Windowed

For years photographers have been tirelessly uploading, tagging, and hashtagging photos to Instagram from their phones. We’ve never been able to successfully entertain the idea of doing that from the comfort of own computer, having instead to resort to emailing or airdropping said photos to our mobile devices so we can upload through the Instagram app itself.

Well, no longer. Meet Windowed. The Windows or Mac application that offers to upload photos to Instagram from your computer. Its basically like Instagram for desktop.

It definitely doesn’t do everything. Cropping photos for one, if you are all about using Instagram’s filters, then this isn’t for you either. But it does exactly what I want it to do, which is to enable me to upload pictures and add hashtags without having to email myself the photos and then do it all from my phone. Again its not the perfect solution, but its also open sourced, so give it time, hopefully in time more features will be added to round out the program.

For now, if you are like me and put your enhanced DSLR or mirrorless photos on your Instagram account, then you should definitely be downloading this program.

Check out Windowed here

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