This week in Photography, TL;DR, January 14

Adobe Sensei

January 11th – San Jose, California

Creative software company Adobe is working on creating image assistant software to help with photo editing. This doesnt sound like anything new, except when I tell you that its planned to be a voice activated assistant, like Siri or Alexa. Their version is called Sensei. Find out more right here.

Lily Drone is Done and Sued

January 12th – San Francisco, California

After $34 million in pre-orders (yes $34,000,000) the Lily camera drone has collapsed. The companies founders said that they simply ran out of time and money before a consumer version could be launched. Heres a press release by Lily. If that wasn’t bad enough, they are also being sued by the District Attorney of San Francisco for luring customers with a faked promo video. They obtained a court order requiring Lily to return all money it raised from unsuspecting consumers, to the tune of $34,000,000.

MacBook Pro Docking

January 13th – San Francisco, California

If there’s one thing Apple has learned from consumers these past few months, they really, really, really don’t like dongles. Enter the HyperDrive, a Kickstarter project that had an overwhelming success of nearly $2,000,000 in pre-orders to bring those much needed ports back to the MacBook Pro.

VSCO Shuts Down NYC Office

January 13th – New York, New York

VSCO, which is a visual arts company that makes the popular VSCO app and film emulation plugins, has closed its NYC office and laid off the staff. They will be retaining offices in Oakland and Denver.

Harvard’s Free Online Photo Course

January 14th – Cambridge, Massachusets

Learn Digital Photography from Harvard for free. That ain’t no lie, check it out here.

Another Drone Crash

January 14th – Seattle, Washington

It seems that us consumers are pretty irresponsible when it comes to flying drones. This week, another drone crashed into the Space Needle in Seattle, making it the third such accident since drones have become part of our culture. Check out the video from the recovered drone here.

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