This week in Photography, TL;DR, January 21

Canon Patents

January 18th – New Haven, Connecticut

According to the folks over at Information for Industry (IFI), Canon was awarded 3,665 patents for the calendar year 2016. Making them one of the most prolific patent applicants in the world. They beat out other tech giants like Google, Intel, Apple and Sony. Lets hope this innovation leads to more real world products in 2017! Here’s the annual report for reference.

Leica M10

January 18th – Wetzlar, Germany

Leica announced today the release of the new M10 digital rangefinder. The smallest M yet, it boasts a new 24MP full-frame sensor, expanded ISO (with range up to 50,000), and WiFi connectivity. Start saving, MSRP is just shy of $6,600.

Fuji X-T20

January 19th – Tokyo, Japan

Fuji announced the X-T20 today. A followup to the venerable X-T10. Just about everything has been improved upon, as a successor should do. This line of cameras is the smaller, cheaper cousin to the X-T1 and X-T2. MSRP starts at $900.

Fuji X100F

January 19th – Tokyo, Japan

Not to leave out the rangefinder aficionados, Fuji also announced the X100F today. It has much of the same components of the aforementioned X-T20, but sheds the removable lens for a fixed 23mm. MSRP is $1300.

 White House Flickr Account

January 20th – Sunnyvale, California

The official Flickr account of the White House changed hands today, from the outgoing Obama administration, to the incoming Trump administration. Don’t worry though you can still find all of the Pete Souza’s shots over at the Obama White House account.

First Inauguration Photo

January 20th – Washington DC

160 years ago, photographer John Wood captured the inauguration of the 15th President, James Buchanan in 1857. Not much about John Wood is known, but he was the official photographer for the architect of the Capitol building from 1856-61. Here’s a link to the Library of Congress archives of the photo.

 President Trumps Official Portrait

January 20th – Washington DC

And in keeping with the presidential theme, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States today. His official photo was taken with a Canon 1DS Mark III and a 70-200 f/2.8L IS lens. No information as of yet about the official photographer. But for some comparison Pete Souza, who captured both official photos of President Obama, also used Canon cameras. In 2009 he used a Canon 5D Mark II and in 2013 he used a 5D Mark III. The full photo can be seen on the official White House website.

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