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The Aperture Academy Instructor: Danielle Rueda

Danielle Rueda is a Fashion and Portrait photographer from San Francisco. As she works toward her MFA in Photography at the Academy of Art University, she shoots fashion, events, and editorial photography spanning 6 years both in Manila, Philippines and San Francisco, California.

About Danielle Rueda

Her photographic style focuses on natural light for a soft and surreal quality to her work. Danielle creates imagery that has a union of beauty in model, fashion, and picturesque landscapes.

Danielle loves photography because of the excitement she gets when she sees the transformation people go through when in front of the camera. She enjoys creating a sense of beauty and mystery in her living models.

Her current project is entitled "Wanderlust" – which means the 'enjoyment of wandering'. It is a fashion-based series of images that show different women in contemporary fashion isolated in natural landscapes in California. Danielle herself has moved from place to place all her life and thus has a personal connection with the idea of experiencing travel and finding oneself along the journey. The idea is that women experience moments of beauty and self-realization while wandering or searching for meaning in life.

Danielle's imagery tends to draw you into a moment – into a feeling of tranquil beauty. Her work is to be observed and experienced. It allows you to enter this landscape and as a voyeur, examine her subjects in a genuine, natural moment of soul-searching.

Danielle passionately embraces extraordinary elements in fashion - bringing out beauty in what others may see as bizarre or unconventional. She dares to morph beauty perspectives straying slightly away from mainstream photography. You can say that Danielle has ambitious plans on changing the Fashion Photography landscape.

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