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The Aperture Academy Instructor: Matt Granz

About Matt Granz

Matt is a San Francisco based professional photographer whose travels across North America and other various works have been featured internationally in both magazines and calendars. His specialties include a wide variety of subject matter, including nature and urban photography, as well as professional portrait work.

Matt's artistic endeavors started at a young age as a photo realistic pencil artist. During these early years he honed his artistic skills and developed an expert knowledge of light, shadow, perspective and dimension. To expand his creative passions, he would later pursue life as a musician, while continuing to work in the art industry as a professional picture framer, most notably for the Photographer's Gallery in Palo Alto. This experience provided Matt with invaluable exposure to many of the finest artists of the photographic profession. There, his passion for visual art was re-ignited and a newfound appreciation for Landscape Art was born.

With the purchased of his first digital camera, Matt was instinctively drawn to the challenge of capturing the night. Many years later he continues to explore the darkness of night, as an expert in making art out of what the eye does not fully perceive. His exploits in this medium take him from city streets, to deserts, using long exposures and light painting to create his incredible photography.

Matt's other great passion is that of documenting severe weather across the Central Plains in search of finding tornados, lightning and other atmospheric phenomena in his continuing pursuit of capturing intensity in imagery. On these adventures, Matt chases the weather that most people avoid in order to capture and share the awesome power of Mother Nature in the plains.

Matt currently resides in the San Francisco East Bay Area with his wife and two daughters. A renaissance man, and a modern day Mr. Mom, Matt is never more than ten steps away from his camera.

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