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The Aperture Academy Instructor: Paul Porter

Paul is a San Francisco Bay Area based professional photographer with an undying passion for wandering and shooting landscapes and intimate views of the natural world. While Paul's enduring love of the outdoors fuels his creative passion, he also freelances as a product photographer in the outdoor equipment industry.

About Paul Porter

Paul began his journey in photography as a child, shooting snapshots with Kodak Instamatics (an interesting chapter in photography) and his dad's twin lens reflex. But it wasn't until he bought a used Yashika Electro 35 GSN 35mm rangefinder camera in 1974 that his love of the wild outdoors sparked a creative spirit to capture the environment on film and slide. Life's paths leading him to and from photography over the years, he quickly began to open new creative doors after buying his first DSLR in 2006, exploring the American West, especially the alluring California outdoors. From the rugged California coastline to the stark landscapes of the White Mountains, Paul is continually sharpening his talents of harnessing light, shadow, color and depth in his compelling images.

Paul's constant drive to capture unique images inspires him to dissolve his creative limitations by finding himself in front of more amazing places and expanding his creative vision. Lately his passion has led him to explore the realm of long exposures and nighttime imagery, taming the light, form and unseen colors the naked eye doesn't see; capturing alluring images of hidden beauty.

An attentive listener and natural people person, Paul's innately joyful nature coupled with his enthusiasm for photography and his love of the outdoors are infectiously conveyed in his teaching style, striving to steer his teaching methods to each student's learning style helping them to realize their creative potential, honing their technical skills and encouraging them to stretch their limitations.

Continually balancing his passion for photography with fatherhood, being a devoted husband and growing his career in IT Service Management, Paul calls himself a new-age sensitive guy. His numerous other interests keep him busy and naturally feed his joyful nature and love of life. A native of New England, he moved west as a young man, first to the Sonoran Desert of central Arizona where he was captivated by the stark and vast landscapes of the American southwest and then finally settling in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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