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Meet Our Photography Workshop Instructors...

Meet our instructors and learn what qualifies them to give you a great experience during your workshops! While you're joining us, you will receive comprehensive digital photography instruction and tutoring by our team of award-winning photographers.

:: Stephen W. Oachs ::

Stephen is an award-winning photographer whose work has graced the pages of notable worldwide publications, including National Geographic, Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife Magazine, and has recently been profiled in Gentry Magazine and The Mercury News.

Completely self-taught, Stephen's unique and distinctive style has earned him recognition as one of today's finest nature photographers. He was recognized in 2007 as wildlife photographer of the year by the National Wildlife Federation and was awarded the honor of Best Nature Photograph in 2008 by National Geographic Magazine for his work photographing the endangered snow leopard.

:: Brian Rueb ::

Brian is an acclaimed landscape photographer who has taught photography and art for two decades. His work has appeared in numerous galleries, magazines and newspapers, and he has received awards at the national, state and local levels. His students have also won awards for their work.

Brian's passion for photography is evident in every image. His talent, education and background guide his use of color, composition and balance in ways that maximize the aesthetic values of his superlative images. His principle philosophy is that of complete immersion into a subject. This applies to his photographs, students, and writing. He is currently working on several photography-related books.

:: Ellie Stone ::

Ellie's experience goes back 30 years. Her photographic interests range from landscape to macro, from weddings and portraits to photojournalism, and the fast action trickery of sporting events. Year's ago, Ellie combined her passions and started a business photographing athletes in action. Her remarkable work has been often published in magazines and newspapers.

As a teacher, Ellie's passion, enthusiasm and affection for capturing the beauty of the world through photography is infectious. She has an uncanny skill for listening and understanding her student's unique ways of learning. By doing so, she caters to each student's learning style so her students maximize their photographic learning potential.

:: Scott Donschikowski ::

Scott is a professional photographer, speaker and instructor of photographic arts and digital darkroom techniques. He is a master of the digital workflow, is an Adobe Certified Expert and has taught and lectured all over California about the benefits of becoming proficient in the digital darkroom.

Scott is a versatile photographer, specializing in architecture, lifestyle and landscapes but also having completed work in weddings, editorials, events and product photography. He has worked extensively covering events for the City of San Jose and has contracted his work out to a number of local businesses providing them with his own unique style of photographic imagery.

:: Alicia Telfer ::

Alicia is a South Bay portrait photographer, specializing in families and children. Formally educated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from San Jose State University, Alicia's photographic emphasis was in time honored film and darkroom applications; also studying her natural gift for pictorial arts.

Her first two years out of school, Alicia spent her time as a production manager and head photographer for a local studio in the Valley. Moving on to teach kid's photography camps, classes and after school programs — she loves to take on new projects that will challenge her skills and introduce her to new people that share her passion.

:: Jean Day ::

Jean has been a semi-pro photographer on and off for over 30 years. At the age of nine, when she snapped her first photo in Sequoia National Park, it triggered a lifelong love for landscape photography.

Her experience began in a professional photographic lab that specialized in school and sports photography, and the work of wedding, portrait and landscape photographers. Her leadership and teaching skills quickly landed her the position of production manager and liaison between in-house photographers, office staff and outside professionals. She spent her weekends in the field assisting other photographers until she was photographing her own work, and a career began.

:: Jan Silverman ::

Jan's Passion for photography began in high school, where his talents were quickly recognized when he was asked to become the class photographer. He developed all of his own black & white prints in a “dark room” in his home.

After earning two engineering degrees followed by a successful career in high tech marketing, Jan shifted his attention back to his real passion…photography & printing. Today he is a professional photographer, printer and instructor. His clients are primarily professional photographers whose prints are displayed in galleries, studios, and office buildings. Jan uses only the highest quality archival material for his finished product, and his clients have come to depend on him for his superior work. He also teaches courses on digital printing at Aperture Academy, in which the photographer learns how to create high quality printed images from their own printer. Additionally, Jan makes himself available for personalized instruction and calibration services, as well as the use of his own professional equipment.


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