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Great American Southwest 9-Day Photography Workshop

Oct 8th, 2015 (9 days) in-field workshop - $3995 ($1500 deposit - Balance due in installments)

Great American Southwest Photography Workshop

The American Southwest offers some of the most unique vistas and landscapes on planet earth. From Arches National Park to the Grand Canyon, there are literally dozens of amazing places to see and photograph! Iconic scenes are practically around every corner. Some, like the "Mittens" of Monument Valley, are blatantly obvious. While others, like the ancient Anasazi dwellings we'll visit, are truly a hidden treasure.

Mother Nature has done some of her best handiwork in the Desert Southwest. Carved by wind and rain, colorful red rocks take on some astonishing shapes. They've named a national park after these shapes; of course I speak of Arches NP. We'll hike up to the iconic Delicate Arch, for a once in a lifetime sunset opportunity. Antelope Canyon is another of the many amazing examples of photographic bliss created by the power of erosion that we will visit.

You'll have the option to explore Lower Antelope Canyon on your own, or have us take you through this remarkable slot canyon. You'll be truly amazed as you descend into the canyon through what appears to be only a crack in the ground. However, you will quickly realize that this is a unique and wondrous place. Sunlight filters in from above to light up the red rocks with a luminous and surreal glow. As you make your way through the canyon's curving walls, you'll witness the rock take on shades of reds, oranges, and even purples. These are just a couple of examples of what you'll be experiencing and photographing during this epic journey.

People from around the world visit these areas, because this incredible locale is one of the few places on the planet you can see such geological diversity.

Come join us for a 9-day adventure as we visit over a dozen iconic locations and teach you how to capture them in your camera. We've put together a very well thought out itinerary designed to allow you ample time to capture stunning images at each location. We'll cover a lot of amazing ground, but you'll never spend more than a few hours riding in our plush Mercedes van. During any down time, you can choose to relax and take a siesta, learn some post-processing skills, or have some images critiqued by our pros. This is the combination of a highly interactive learning experience and a vacation of a lifetime!

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