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10-Day Iceland Photography Workshop!

Jun 8th, 2015 (10 Days) in-field workshop - $5495 ($1500 deposit)   (1 SPACES LEFT)

Iceland Photography Workshop

Join award-winning landscape photographer Brian Rueb, as he leads a photography tour through the rugged beauty of Iceland.

Rugged mountains, geothermal hotspots, enormous waterfalls, lush moss-covered valleys, glacially-fed lagoons, and black sand beaches. Iceland is a landscape photographer's dream location.

Positioned at 66° north latitude, the sun never fully sets in the summer months. Here, it's possible to enjoy the beauty of a sunset as it fades right into sunrise! This can mean up to four or five consecutive hours of great light to provide more opportunity to come away with those amazing images. We'll be photographing waterfalls, fields of lupine, chunks of cool blue glacial ice, and much more!

In the summer of 2010, Brian spent over two months in Iceland photographing for a book project, and most of the time he was on foot. He has seen the country firsthand, and combined with his photographic resume, he is the perfect guide to show you everything that makes this country so special. You'll meet Brian in Reykjavik for orientation before setting out for over a week of exploring and photographing this truly unworldly landscape.

If you're serious about your photography, or just looking for an experienced guide to help you find some of the best Iceland has to offer, why not pack up and head to Iceland? There's an amazing photographic adventure awaiting....

(This workshop will be limited to 8 participants maximum.)

Note: In the event a scheduled instructor for a particular workshop is unavailable, a replacement instructor will be scheduled. While we make every effort, there is no guarantee that the assigned instructors for a scheduled workshop will be present.

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