Adobe Lightroom®: Processing Your Images for Display

Using the Lightroom Development Module the instructor, with class feedback, will optimize your submitted pictures. Then we will learn how to properly export them for email, websites, social media sites and for printing. Each participant will bring in 2-3 images to be worked on by the instructor and class participants.

Printing yourself or using a printing service, sending pictures by email, posting pictures on on-line sites from social media to your own website have different image requirements and concerns. This hands-on class is for photographers who want to create the best possible image and further understand the different display requirements and how to modify their images for them.

One or more pictures from each student will be worked on by the instructor so everyone in the class can see what steps are required to optimize them. An overview of the requirements and concerns for each display type will be presented and class notes will be provided. We will primarily work within the Development Module in Lightroom® and systematically apply corrections and enhancements to the pictures. The class includes:

  • Image requirements for printing, email and on-line sites from social media to your own website
  • Protecting your images from unauthorized use.
  • Clipping the image to specific sizes – required by many website builder software programs, juried submissions and for printing
  • Finding and removing blemishes such as dust and sensor spots
  • Determining the maximum dynamic range of an image (maximum black and white values)
  • Enhancing clarity, and saturation
  • Performing selective sharpening and noise reduction
  • Understanding JPEG, TIFF, DNG and RAW image formats
  • Exporting pictures in the proper formats and resolutions for different display usages
  • At least one of your pictures will be processed as examples.


  • Have taken the Lightroom®: Into for Photographers Class or have a working level of experience with Lightroom®
  • Each attendee should bring a USB Drive with a few images. Ideally they should be in RAW format but TIFF and JPEG files can be used.
  • Bring in your own laptop running the current release of Lightroom® or Lightroom® on our computers can be used.

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Instructor: Jan Silverman

Jan's Passion for photography began in high school, where his talents were quickly recognized when he was asked to become the class photographer. He developed all of his own black & white prints in a "dark room" in his home.

After earning two engineering degrees followed by a successful career in high tech marketing, Jan shifted his attention back to his real & printing. Today he is a professional photographer, printer and instructor. His clients are primarily professional photographers whose prints are displayed in galleries, studios, and office buildings.

Jan uses only the highest quality archival material for his finished product, and his clients have come to depend on him for his superior work. He also teaches courses on digital printing at Aperture Academy, in which the photographer learns how to create high quality printed images from their own printer. Additionally, Jan makes himself available for personalized instruction and calibration services, as well as the use of his own professional equipment.

Jan Carl Silverman
Artistry Printing Master Printer


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