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Education Package Includes
Workshop: Glacier Bay
→ You don't even need to leave the comforts of the ship to photograph the beautiful icebergs of Glacier Bay. Instructors will be on hand to help you capture the colors and magnificence of Glacier Bay. Whether you're making images, or just watching in awe as ice chunks the size of buildings fall off the glacier into the bay, this will surely be an afternoon to remember.
Photoshop® and Lightroom® Classes: All About Camera RAW!
→ Love taking photos, but having trouble with the post-processing techniques to make them pop? Come work with our Adobe certified Photoshop instructors and learn how to take images from raw to awesome. From beginning, to intermediate and advanced techniques, these classes have something for everyone!
Printing Classes: Large format prints of your favorite images (2) included
→ Once you have your images processed and ready, come to our printing classes to learn how to take those images from the disc and turn them into amazing works of art printed out for all to enjoy. From the basics of printing, to large size panorama type images, we know how to make your images come alive on paper. (2 prints included -- additional available for purchase)
Seminar: Photography Fundamentals with Ellie Stone
→ Come put the "fun" in fundamentals with professional photographer, Ellie Stone, as she goes over all the basics of photography: from f-stops to shutter speeds; the benefits of shooting in RAW vs. JPEG; how to read a histogram, and more! This is hands-on Photography 101. Come get the answers to those tricky and pressing questions you have about your camera!
Seminar: Advanced Composition with Brian Rueb
→You've been taking images for years, but need a few tips and tricks to really make your images work. Come learn the finer points of composition and how to set up a shot in the field to really create dynamic images with pro photographer, Brian Rueb. Brian will conduct this seminar in "seeing," to help take your images from good to great.
Seminar: Intro to Wildlife Photography with Scott Davis
→ Nobody at the Aperture Academy has had more experience with wildlife than Scott Davis. Scott has travelled the globe photographing creatures from Africa to Antarctica, and all around America. Come spend some time with him as he recounts some of his tales, and gives you some key tips to getting started and enhance your own wildlife photography adventures.
Workshop: Sitka Totem Rain Forest & Raptor Center Workshop
→ Spend a day wandering the ancient totems from Alaska's rich Native American history. Some of these poles date back to the late 1800s, and you'll have the opportunity to explore the park with our trained professionals and capture some of this ancient art form and make it artwork of your own.
Cocktail Party: Sponsored by All Cruise Travel
→ Come celebrate the end of a week long journey with a drink and a cheer!
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Workshop: Juneau Whale Photography/Watching (Includes boat fees)
→ Come aboard and bring your camera as we traverse the waters of Alaska looking for whales! Alaska is a "mecca" for Humpback Whales, and we'll board smaller watercraft and spend the day photographing these mighty creatures as they spy-hop, lob-tail, and breach their way onto your memory chips. This is truly going to be one of the most memorable photography adventures you've ever been on.
Workshop: Victoria Night Photography (Includes transportation)
→ Have you been curious about night photography? Nobody teaches more students about night photography than the Aperture Academy. Come spend the night with instructors in the beautiful city of Victoria. We'll spend a few hours roaming the streets of this European-flavored city and work on capturing some of its beauty and charm after the sun has faded and the lights have come on.
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