Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop | October 19th, 2013

Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop -- October 19th, 2013

Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop Students

Natural Light Portrait Photography Workshop Students

Our Natural Light Portrait Workshop is the perfect platform to receive hands-on photography instruction. In only 3 hours we cover a lot of foundational basics. A strong foundation is an integral part of honing any skill or talent.

Before we get outside in search of the best Natural Light for Portraits, with our two lovely models, we start in the gallery. Danielle and I get to know everyone, their names, camera gear, and expectations during our time together.

After we all get acquainted I explain the ever-important foundational basics. Such as, the exposure triangle, choosing the proper aperture, and compositional basics, as they pertain to portrait photography. After the review everyone is comfortable and ready to head outside for some real-time imaging capturing. Danielle and I started out making sure everyone had the right settings for our first lighting situation, open shade. We helped the models relax, by assuring them that they looked beautiful. We offered some basics on posing a female model, and then wanted the students to get involved. Sometimes it’s difficult to interact with a person you’ve just met, so Danielle and I are always close by to offer some quick tips on posing and interacting with the models. After everyone is warmed up and starting to get the hang of things, we move to another location, with a different lighting situation. We try to find at least 3 different and challenging lighting situations, in order to get the most out of our 3-hour session. At each location the students have to change their settings in order to capture a properly exposed image. We take them from shade, to artificial light, to strong backlighting, the more lighting scenarios the merrier. The class always seems to fly by, and we really enjoy seeing how happy our students are at the end of class. If they had a good time and picked up some new skills, it makes our day, because fun and learning is what we are all about.

If you'd like to join us at one of our workshops, you can find the schedule/sign up here.

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