Studio Lighting Portraits-and-Processing Photography Workshop | March 21st, 2015

Studio Lighting Portraits-and-Processing Photography Workshop | March 21st, 2015

Natural Light Portraits & Processing Photography Workshop Students

The Studio Lighting class at Aperture Academy is by far my favorite, especially since I get to teach it. Haha. So like most classes we start off pretty early in the morning, Elle the other instructor, and I read the student list trying to see how many of the student we already know, and to get familiar with their names. I do my normal walk through to try and make sure that all the lights are ready, and the pocket wizards have their batteries.

At about a quarter till, the students start to filter in. My phone starts to ring and I realized its one of the models letting me know she is also on her way to Aperture Academy. Nine am, and the last student walks in and Elle and I start the introductions. Elle the seasoned instructor begins by telling everyone how long she has been working here in the Silicon Valley as an instructor at Aperture Academy. And then I walk us into the power point with a few little jokes and my brief intro.

Studio Lighting is a very intimidating especially when starting out. But the way we geared it over here at Aperture Academy, I start off introducing the vocabulary, and then work our way to the lighting styles, and diagrams. Eventually getting to the hands on section. I really find it important to have everyone touch everything, and feel the equipment. By holding the strobe heads, and turning the power up and down, and getting the lighting set up I find the students really get a feel for all the technical stuff we went over earlier in the class. Elle and I step in as models for the test shoots, as the model finishes up with make up.

The models are ready, the lights are set up, pocket wizards are attached to the cameras, and we begin shooting. Right away I can see the group of seven is having a great time. And the models are already laughing as the lights pop on and off. This is not a bad way to spend your Saturday afternoon. The student continue to shoot, and show their images to Elle and I, stepping from one lighting set up to another getting a feeling for both looks. After we have everyone shoot through both lights styles, and get all the images they want, we have them get together for a always fun and silly Aperture Academy Group Photo. We say good-bye to our team, the model Sarah, and the Makeup, and Hair Stylist, Lisa. And we send the students off to lunch.

While the students we off to lunch we begin importing their images on the IMacs for the retouching and postproduction on the images. The retouching section is also another really fun part of the class, Elle starts off in Adobe Light Room, I pick up and end off this portion of the class in Adobe Photoshop stressing to the students the importance of reinforcing the Studio Lighting set ups we did with some little finishing touches in either one of these amazing programs.

We end the class with questions, and thank you’s and even some hugs from our students that have become friends over the last few years of taking workshops and traveling around the globe with Aperture Academy, and our amazing staff. Thanks for joining us, from everyone at Aperture Academy, have a beautiful day!

Until Next time,

Thank you from Ajay, Ellie and the rest of the Aperture Academy Team!

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