2011 Alaska Photography Cruise with the Aperture Academy - Sponsored by Canon

7-Day Photography Cruise to Alaska with the Aperture Academy!

August 21st - August 28th, 2011 • Photography Education Package: $995         then...   

Important Note: Cruise must be booked through All Cruise Travel to participate in the Aperture Academy workshops.

Come join the Aperture Academy, Calumet Photo and Canon as we sail to Alaska on Holland America's luxury cruise ship, the MS Oosterdam! We'll be exploring ports of call as we conduct field workshops, then bring your images back to our on-board classroom where you can take a variety of Photoshop classes! Then, print your favorite images out in our Canon "Input to Output" print class!

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Imagine the perfect photography scenario...
  • Beautiful Alaskan landscape (rugged mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and lush forests)
  • Amazing Alaskan wildlife (grizzly bear, eagles, whales, otters and more!)
  • A classroom with Photoshop® at your disposal (taught by Adobe certified instructors)
  • Printing labs run by Canon — get wide format prints of your favorite images!
  • Presentations by award-winning photographers
  • Personalized instruction from a team of highly experienced photographers, teaching you what YOU want to learn!

...Now, put all of this aboard a Holland America Cruise ship!

It would be the perfect blend of pampering and photography. Too good to be true, right? Don't be too sure!

The Aperture Academy and Canon, in association with Holland America cruises, have partnered up to bring you the experience of a lifetime! We like to call it, The Inside Passage to Better Photography.

Day 1

You'll arrive in Seattle, The Emerald City...and board the luxurious Oosterdam. Once you've settled into your cabin and had some time to enjoy the many amenities the ship has to offer, you'll begin your photography workshop with an introductory presentation by the Aperture Academy Team and Canon. They'll go over everything you'll need to know, and what to expect, on your week of adventure and luxury.

Day 2

We're at sea. What better place to get to know your ship? You'll discover the many fine restaurants, enjoy time in a casino, or relax with a loved one by the pool. Canon will be on hand to answer any questions you have about equipment and even have some available to rent and take for a test drive! The Aperture Academy Instructors will be on hand to answer any of your questions regarding your week on board the ship or your excursions on shore. That evening, you'll be able to enjoy presentations given by the Aperture Academy instructors on various aspects of photography, and hear their entertaining accounts of some of their time in the field.

Day 3

The fun begins as we enter Glacier Bay...it will be all hands (holding cameras) on deck for this workshop. We'll glide through the glacier-heavy waters, and instructors will work with you to achieve the best results while photographing the majestic blue chunks of ice as they float in the bay and fall from the glacier into the sea. The rest of your day will be free to explore the ship, relax, or partake in the Photoshop classes available on the boat with our Adobe certified instructors. Whether your version of raw is from the camera or in the form of sushi on the ship, the day is full of opportunity and fun for you aboard the Oosterdam.

That evening will be geared towards photography adventure as the award winning team of instructors from the Aperture Academy give slide-show talks and entertaining presentations about some of their favorite expeditions behind the lens. Whether it's spending a week with grizzlies in the wilds of Alaska, braving 30 ft. swells in the seas surrounding Antarctica, or backpacking for 2-months in Iceland, our instructors have been all over the planet and experienced some of the best it has to offer. Sit back, relax, and let them entertain and educate you.

Day 4

Welcome to Juneau Alaska! Explore the harbor and waterways in search of seals, otters, eagles, and of course whales. Juneau is a prime stop for the Humpback Whale on their annual migratory pattern north. Spend the day with Aperture Academy wildlife photography experts as they help you create memories and images of these magnificent creatures and any other critters we encounter on our day out. Whether you decide to explore the city on your own, or board a smaller craft for an exciting day of photography off the ship, it will be a wild day with wildlife; one you surely don't want to miss!

Day 5

We're off the boat and exploring the areas in and around Sitka, Alaska, either trekking in ancient forest areas photographing Alaska's rich Native-American history, or exploring the outskirts in search of wildlife and amazing waterfalls. We'll have our day broken up into smaller groups to allow our instructors to focus more individually on the needs of students...and to accommodate specific interests. Even if you're a skilled photographer, these workshops will allow you to get out and do what you love most — take photos!

Back aboard the ship in the evening, you'll have time and space to learn more about Photoshop and process some of those images you spent the day creating. Then, once you've processed the images, it's time to get acquainted with the Canon experts and have those images printed out so everyone can be jealous of how you spent your day!

Day 6

You'll spend the morning in Ketchikan, Alaska, and go on photo walks of the harbor and city with the Aperture Academy instructors. This is the perfect opportunity to work on photography in a more "urban" landscape. We can focus on pieces of Americana, macro photography, or shots of people in their everyday activities in this remote section of the U.S. If photographing with a group isn't your cup of tea, feel free to explore the town on your own, and see what makes Ketchikan such a charming spot for thousands of visitors every year. Once back on the boat, it's up to you how you spend the day. Take part in classes learning how to process your images, or build a team and take part in an on-ship photo scavenger hunt. If you have finished images you want to see printed out large and lovely, take your memory chips to the experts at Canon and have an image or two printed out to share with friends and family. There is endless opportunity for photography, fun and fantastic memories!

Day 7

Welcome to Canada, eh! We arrive in port at 6pm, a perfect time to meet up and do some night photography! We'll be assembling a group to photograph in and around the streets of Victoria...it's the popular Aperture Academy Night Owls course gone international! Then, when we're finally back on board the Oosterdam, it's time for farewell. Join the party to say your good-byes to the great folks at Canon and the Aperture Academy, and enjoy the social hour and view a slide-show of your time together. There'll be time to grab one more late night snack aboard, or one last soak in the hot tub, before getting a good night's sleep and returning to the Emerald City in the morning.

Back to Seattle

The final day is devoted to getting your bags and memories together and taking them home to upload and share with the world.

This cruise workshop is a photographer, and traveller's, dream come true....what are you waiting for? Aperture Academy and Canon have your inside passage to better photography waiting. All aboard!

Students of the Aperture Academy are eligible for special discounts and promotions from our partners.
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