Aperture Academy Logistics Manager: Monique DeMoulin

The Aperture Academy Logistics Manager: Monique DeMoulin

Monique DeMoulin is the owner and Logistics Manager of Aperture Academy. You can learn more about her by reading her bio.









About Monique DeMoulin

Monique DeMoulin Owner, Logistics Manager

Monique DeMoulin is an avid outdoor and off-road adventurer, a successful entrepreneur, and singer/ songwriter who began her journey in photography through her friendship and mentorship under acclaimed award-winning outdoor photographer, Stephen W. Oachs. She had the privilege of apprenticing under Oachs and working with several renowned professional photographers who taught hundreds of students through Aperture Academy since it was founded in 2009. She started working at Aperture Academy in the backend, keeping scheduling, sales, logistics, and instructor-to-student support flowing, all the while developing much more than photography skills—she learned and help evolve the detailed nuances of the business, and realized how essential the instructors were to the students, and to the business. As she calls them, “the essential spokes in the wheel that give strength and value, and keeps Aperture rolling!"

Monique took ownership of Aperture Academy in January 2020, and even before it was official, her vision and love for Aperture and its instructors was empowering and enthusiastic. Her passion for detail and motivating others to reach their personal goals and follow their creative dreams is obvious as soon as you meet her. To further pursue options for helping others through Aperture Academy, she has taken many courses for self- advancement, leadership, coaching and managerial skills, all to help her connect more deeply with those in her ever-broadening and creative world.

Aperture Academy under Monique's leadership is better than ever. Aperture is operating with the same familiar and loved faces, with a reinvigorated goal of teaching new and returning students how to digitally capture the world around them in individual, personal and unique ways. With the professional instructors at Aperture teaching and continuing to foster their enthusiasm and love for photography in fun and memorable ways, student appreciation has been overwhelmingly positive. Monique is making her mark within this space, taking Aperture forward as a woman-owned business. She is driven to put her students, and her photo pros, first in priority--with her team's tireless dedication to their students' experiences being paramount. She believes in offering only the best experiences and workshops, planning and making arrangements right down to the smallest details. Monique and the entire Aperture Academy team are very grateful for their student base, and always look forward to thanking each one through every workshop and course they attend.

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