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The Aperture Academy Instructor: Ajay Fay

Ajay Fay is professional portrait and nature photographer based in San Jose California.

About Ajay Fay

When I was young, I never imagined that photography could be a career. I was just interested in capturing moments – adventures, friendships, the highs and the lows. Soon, my passion grew into obsession and I knew that photography was what I was meant to do. I went on to pursue my Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography.

I believe that a photograph is more than an image. It’s what happens between the photographer and the subject. A foggy morning in the city, a dapper gentleman in a suit and tie, a smiling child, a sunset, whatever the subject may be, I love the time spent on getting the right shot.

My work often features uninhibited, cinematic flair, incorporating strong emotive and sentimental qualities that sometimes allude to a time not long forgotten. I am most interested in capturing the unfiltered beauty of the people and places in front of my lens.

I’ve come to understand that photography is a gift and teaching is a way to share that gift. In the past six years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching everyone from junior high students to retirees. The friendships forged during these times of learning together have been some of my most treasured rewards from photography. The satisfaction of my students is evident in the many emails I receive from them, sharing with me new shots they’ve taken and new techniques they’re trying out.

Thanks for reading a bit about my story. Whatever your visual need may be, I look forward to helping you share your story well.

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