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Workshop Gallery -- Stories, Candid Photos & Student Comments

Our instructors love giving workshops, and they love telling the stories. Adding more fun, while our students are busy learning to take fantastic photographs, we are snapping candid shots of them in action. So, we are sharing these great behind the scene stories, photos (and some student feedback) of our workshops. Take a look and you'll get a very good idea of what you'll find when you show up for one of our fun and very productive classes!

2014 Photos & Stories
2013 Photos & Stories

2012 Photos & Stories
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We'd love to see you at the next workshop, or in the next class. You really will have a wonderful time, and in the workshop, you'll take some incredible photos!

Our instructors will make sure you walk out of class with some amazing photographs you'll be very proud to put your name on! Sign up for a class or workshop before the classes are full!

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The Workshop Experience

:: Diane Gralewski ::

Once again, you exceeded my expectations. The Yosemite experience was amazing! My intention was to get at least one photo that I could blow up and hang on my wall. My only complaint is that I came home with SO many great shots I don't know how I will narrow them down to my favorites. So I want to extend my sincere thanks to you and your crew, Brian, Scott and Jeanette. Thank you for the overall experience. It's not just the places you took us, the skills you taught us, or the pictures you helped us capture, it's the way in which you did it that I will never forget. Thanks for an amazing experience!:)

2011 Photos & Stories

2009/2010 Photos & Stories

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