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The Aperture Academy Instructor: Alicia Telfer

Alicia is an Aperture Academy instructor who has great passion for sharing her love for photography. She invites you to take a look through some examples of photos she has taken, and to read about her experience and journey as she teaches you how to play with light. You can also follow her work through the links at the end of her bio.

About Alicia Telfer

Alicia Telfer is a South Bay portrait photographer, specializing in families and children.

Alicia is formally educated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from San Jose State University. Her photographic emphasis was in time honored film and darkroom applications; also studying her natural gift for pictorial arts. Enthralled by the technological transformation in her department, she has successfully adapted her talents into the digital photography era.

All of Alicia's work out of college has been photography and art related. She has excelled her skills as a portrait image retoucher, with the training and talent to view each image as a work of art. Her first two years out of school, Alicia spent her time as a production manager and head photographer for a local studio in the Valley. Moving on to teach kid's photography camps, classes and after school programs — she loves to take on new projects that will challenge her skills and introduce her to new people that share her passion.

Alicia's excitement about her photography is obvious the minute you meet her. She loves sharing ideas for image making and always wants her students to have fun!

Alicia currently lives in Sunnyvale, California with her pup, "f/stop."

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