Wild Serengeti - Tanzania Wildlife Adventure Photography Workshop

8-Day Wild Serengeti Adventure Photography Workshop in Tanzania!

If you would like to continue on to Kenya with us, click here.

Wild Serengeti Photography Workshop in Tanzania

Join Aperture Academy Professional Photographers Scott Donschikowski and Stephen Oachs as they invite you to explore and photograph within some of the best wildlife reserves and parks Tanzania has to offer, with special emphasis on Serengeti National Park. Aperture Academy has put together an ultimate wildlife photography and post-processing instruction workshop for photographers serious about getting the best possible wildlife images.

For the wildlife photographer, few places on the planet compare to Africa. And in Africa, the Serengeti ecosystem is perhaps the most famous wildlife sanctuary in the world. There's a reason for this well deserved fame. With its seemingly endless grass savannahs, acacia studded landscapes, well-developed park infra-structure, upscale accommodations and most importantly, the sheer abundance of wild animals found with relative ease, wildlife photographers are virtually guaranteed an amazing portfolio of images.

Written words do little to adequately describe the grandeur but suffice to say, Africa and its raw untamed beauty will stay with you long after you return home, and most likely inspire you to figure out when your next visit will occur. Just ask anyone who's been with us.

Tour Leaders and professional nature photographers Scott Donschikowski and Stephen Oachs have designed a comprehensive itinerary that allows extensive time in the field at two of their favorite wildlife parks in Tanzania. Each park has its own unique ecosystem and as a result, different landscapes and assemblages of animals. Most importantly, all the parks we visit provide unparalleled wildlife photography opportunities.

Whether you're an avid birder, a big cat lover looking for the perfect lion shot, or in search of the "Big 5," Tanzania and its world-class parks provide ample opportunities for the photographer with a taste for refined adventure.

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